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View your facility with 3D Site Graphics

3D Site Graphics is a program that displays a graphical, color coded representation of your facility. QuikStor has taken this tool a step beyond a two dimensional overhead view of your property. Our 3D version creates an amazing impression when viewed by prospective tenants and managers.

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  • Projectable Display

  • Tenant On-Site

  • Manual Zoom

  • Pan/Zoom/Rotate

  • Multi-Story Compatible

  • Customize Colors

Your Site At a Glance

Each unit in your facility will have its unit number displayed and the unit itself is colored depending on its status. Delinquent units, reservations, vacancies and onsite tenants can be a bright color, as these should stand out to the manager as units needing attention. Because units with occupied status will make up most of your screen, they should be displayed with a cooler color, as you don’t want to confuse tenants with too many bright, clashing colors.

Management Software Integration

The Site Graphics software integrates with your management software, grabbing all of the status information directly from the source. Go ahead and rent a unit and your site graphics will update immediately! Imagine how useful it would be to have a graphical at-a-glance tool to tell you what the status of your entire facility is. You can even display multiple floors.

Storage Units Display System, quikstor

storage facility marketing graphics

Site Graphics for Marketing & Sales

One of the biggest reasons to have Site Graphics at your facility is its marketing ability. When a prospective tenant walks into your office and sees a large display of the facility in full color and 3D view with an aerial rotation they can’t help but say to themselves “Wow, this company really takes their security seriously!” A tenant doesn’t even need to know what the colors mean to be impressed by this software. Simply displaying it makes a tenant feel more comfortable about storing their property at your site.

Customizable Legend

With 3D Site Graphics you can customize the color displayed for each event type and status. Using the customizable color legend you can customize your 3D Site Graphics to match your company’s branding to offer a seamless integration into your overall retail office experience.