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Manage your facility with QuikStor Express Lite 

QuikStor Express Lite is an entry-level, basic storage facility management software designed to ease the daily tasks of business operations.

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Storage Facility Software, QuikStor Express
  • Easy to Use

  • Automatic Payments

  • Intuitive Reports

  • Online Knowledgebase

  • Invoices & Notices

  • Training Mode

QuikStor Storage Software, Express Lite

Information at your fingertips

The main QuikStor Express screen allows you to quickly view a tenants delinquency status, balance, security deposit and more. The most commonly used functions are just one click away!

Tenant Information Window

Our tenant information window ensures you can quickly see all pertinent information about your tenant. Detailed information is just a click away! Easily view balance breakdowns, tenant notes, alternate information and more with just one click.

QuikStor Storage Software, Express Lite
QuikStor Self Storage Software Reports, Express Lite

Reports at your fingertips!

Our report center allows you to pull over a hundred self-storage reports with just a few clicks of the mouse. You can also quickly display a preview of the report before you print it to ensure it will have the data you need!

Automate the delinquency process

With QuikStor Express you can configure your delinquency settings to ensure that past due tenants receive charges and notices automatically when necessary. Let your software do the work for you! Notices will be waiting for you on the printer when you open up!

Automatic Tenant Notices, Self Storage Software
QuikStor Self Storage Software Reports, Express Lite

Available Modules

Our QuikStor Express Lite software can be integrated with our QuikPay Direct module for automatic credit card processing. Ask your sales representative about our low 1.99% credit card rates.

Add Modules or Upgrade your Storage Facility Software at any time without losing data!

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