Rentals are the most important day-to-day activity for storage facilities. Any time a vacancy exists, a facility is losing money by the day. Renting units online is now easier than ever with QuikStor Cloud. 

The entire rental process can be handled by the software without any involvement from the manager, including signatures on the lease and other documents and uploading of drivers licenses or other documents. Let’s look at how QuikStor Cloud self-storage management software can change the way you do online rentals.

Real Time Unit Availability 

Gone are the days of having to manually update unit inventory on your website. With QuikStor Cloud, your e-commerce website updates unit availability in real-time. Within seconds of vacating a tenant, that unit now becomes available to rent on your site. 

Potential tenants can quickly see what unit types are available or, sign up for a waiting list for sizes that are currently fully occupied. 

QuikStor eCommerce for Self-Storage Websites Dynamic Pricing with Online Only Special

Dynamic Pricing 

Many unit pricing options are available to help increase online conversions. You can choose to offer an “online only rate” to entice potential tenants to rent online.  

Additionally, you can choose to use online specials and/or coupon codes to further encourage a potential tenant to commit to your facility. 

Document Upload 

One of the biggest concerns for contactless rentals is documentation. If your facility normally gets a copy of a tenant’s driver’s license or their insurance paperwork, for example, how do you collect that information online? 

To accommodate that, QuikStor’s Cloud self-storage management software allows you to easily configure what document uploads you want to receive as well as set some to be required and others to be optional. 

These uploads are stored securely in the software for your manager to access from anywhere with an internet connection. 

Customized Checkout 

No two facilities operate in the same way. Owners and managers can utilize a wide variety of settings to customize the checkout process. You choose how much (or how little) information is required to complete rentals or reservations. 

Additionally, you can add custom wording, images, or even videos to the checkout pages. Want a video explaining the benefits of adding insurance to a unit? It’s easy to embed. Want to add a text description to the documents section? That’s no problem either. 


Having a signed rental agreement is a very important feature for any rental. For truly contactless storage rentals, e-signature allows your tenant to review and sign the lease agreement before their payment is processed. 

The tenant is prompted to sign right on screen. The signature is easy to add from any device, including a cell phone. Best of all, the signed documents are sent to both the tenant and manager, automatically, based on options you configure. 


Encourage tenants to enroll in auto-billing by offering the option at checkout. Should your tenant not select this option, it will always be available to them in their tenant portal. 

Gate Access 

Gate access and security is of the utmost importance. With contactless rentals via QuikStor Cloud you can choose between two options: 

  1. Send the gate code via email as soon as the lease is signed and payment is processed. 
  1. Choose to send the gate code manually once the manager has reviewed the documents. 

Either way, you decide when your new tenants receive access. 

Cart Abandonment 

Let’s face it, not every tenant that makes it to the checkout screen will complete the checkout. They may be price-shopping or simply not ready to commit. Either way, QuikStor has taken this into consideration with our Ecommerce software. 

The checkout screens have been specifically designed to capture tenant information at each stage of the checkout process. This allows your manager to follow-up with the prospect and, potentially, turn a lead into a rental. 

Putting It All Together 

With so many options, it can seem overwhelming to get your facility setup the way you want it. Our dedicated Cloud support team will get you started with a basic E-Commerce setup out of the gate. 

From there, just provide your vision of your checkout process and we can point you in the right direction to get there. Between our award-winning support team and our amazing Cloud Learning Center, QuikStor is dedicated to giving you the resources you need to run your facility YOUR way.