Meet the New Standard in Individual Unit Access Control

The QuikStor Electronic Overlock, powered by Master Lock®, is the most advanced, and affordable, way to ensure that your tenants and managers can seamlessly access and track each storage unit.The locks are Bluetooth-enabled, and can be unlocked when a paired device like a mobile phone or tablet is within signal range.


Top Features of QuikStor Electronic Overlock

Instant Access for New Tenants

Each Electronic Lock is assigned to a specific unit. Access information is provided to tenants as soon as they complete a rental so they can access the facility faster than ever.

No More Manual Overlocks

Ready to make labor-intensive overlocks a thing of the past? QuikStor Electronic Overlocks automatically lock as soon as their corresponding unit becomes delinquent.

Use Indoors or Outdoors

The QuikStor Electronic Overlock is available in two varieties: indoor and outdoor. The outdoor lock can be used in temperatures ranging from -13 to 150 degrees Fahrenheit. The smaller, indoor lock is designed for use in temperatures 25 to 150 degrees Fahrenheit.

Customize to Your Facility

Whether you’re a smaller facility or just want to start small, there’s no minimum to get started with the QuikStor Electronic Overlock.


Lock Status at a Glance

Color-coded for ease

Operating the QuikStor Master Lock® is simple and intuitive. Each lock status is assigned a specific color.

Green Light

 The lock’s LED ring will light up green when the tenant’s smart device is nearby and will remain lit until the device is re-locked.


Yellow Light

If the LED ring flashes a yellow light, it’s a sign that the battery is low. The batteries are inexpensive and can be quickly swapped out when needed.

Blue Light

The blue light is activated when the lock is touched or moved, indicating that the lock is operational and is securing the storage unit.

Red Light

The red light indicates that access has been denied such as by a delinquent tenant or unauthorized user.


Savings by the Numbers

Average Hourly Pay

Hours Per day Dealing with Overlocks

Average Days per Year

Minimum Yearly Labor Cost For Overlocks