The Importance of having a Social Media Presence

More and more people are engaging in social media by the minute. It’s to no surprise why social media has become a multi-million-dollar industry. Social media has become an important communication medium and whether we like it or not, it’s definitely here to stay. When we discuss why social media is important for storage facilities. The notion of “customer reach” definitely plays a big factor in this topic. If your storage facility could reach customers who were once out of reach. You’re looking at a new influx of customers and possibly a fuller facility. If you’re not already set-up with social media for your business, now is the time! Let’s find out the importance of having a social media presence for your storage facility!

Importance of Social Media - Online Presence

Importance of Social Media – Online Presence

Online Presence – When customers stumble upon a new business, they’re first instinctive action is to find out if they’re online. If the business doesn’t’ have any social media presence, consumer trust for that business is significantly reduced. “Collective association”, is one of the main contributing factors to this consumer trust drop. To better illustrate this point, take a look at brand-name companies or top storage facilities in the market. Each company or facility has a social network presence not just because of the content they provide. But by the fact that they have an online presence. This “collective association” notion infers that one of the criteria for a successful business is to have an online presence. To an extent, we can agree that these big-name companies are well-trusted in the industry among consumers. By mimicking these “trust signals” such as having a social media presence; you’re more likely to increase your consumer trust in your business. Consumers now more than ever will judge a business based on their online social presence. According to social media executives, approximately 90% of marketers concluded that social media is vital for customer trust building. With the internet being easily accessible, consumers will often time look towards social networks for help. Consumers have used Facebook, Yelp, and Google in finalizing their buying decision. These media channels offer customers “valuable research material.” In other words, information about the business. These points include past customer reviews, current facility pictures, and the overall visual structure of the business’s online presence.

Importance of Social Media - Targeted Advertising

Importance of Social Media – Targeted Advertising

Targeted Advertising – When it comes to traditional marketing methods such as posters, TV, and newspapers. These marketing campaigns are usually a “hit or miss.” It’s difficult to control who sees the marketing ad. However, when it comes to social media marketing the exact opposite happens. You’ll have more control over your marketing ad such as selecting a specific target audience. Your target audience can be as specific as a certain age range or even a certain zip code radius. This is important to note because this will maximize your ROI (return on investment) and marketing efforts. It’s also important to understand just how powerful target advertising really is. You’ll be able to market your storage facility to customers who have shown interest in storage. This nifty feature is available on Facebook and it’s a powerful marketing tool.

Importance of Social Media - Improved Search Ranking

Importance of Social Media – Improved Search Ranking


Improved Search Ranking – When we talk about search engine rankings, we typically want our website displayed on the first page. As many of you may or may not already know, being on the first page of search engines is important. Especially if you’re on Google or Bing because these search engines will provide a huge advantage over your competition. According to Google statistics, it indicates that 91% of searchers do not go past the first page. In other words, if a business is not on the first page of search engines. The business is likely missing out on approximately 91% of potential customers. So are you interested in improving your search ranking? If you answered yes, we highly suggest you set up your social network if you haven’t already. If you already have an established social network, we’d suggest enhancing your current online presence. With the combination of social media and search engine optimization, you’re looking at a powerful duo in maximizing your marketing efforts.

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