Platinum Self Storage Software by Quikstor!

Operating a self-storage has never been easier! With QuikStor’s Platinum self-storage management software you can do everything from anywhere, whether you have one site or hundreds. Platinum gives you the speed and reliability of local data, remote management capability, customer self-service and more. Platinum has all of the features YOUR self-storage facility needs to run its day to day operations.  Let our green alien friend explain:


QuikStor Platinum

QuikStor’s Platinum Package offers everything you need to efficiently manage your self-storage facility. We’re talking about easy to use management software, corporate remote access, real-time online payments with both reservation and rental options. Platinum also includes cloud access, mobile manager apps, and unlimited technical support. Platinum is an intuitive self-storage management software that provides managers, owners, and tenants with valuable information at their fingertips!

QuikStor Express Lite

QuikStor Express Lite is a great way for smaller facilities to get started with self-storage management software. It includes most of the great features of QuikStor Express professional like automatic invoices, automatic credit card processing, easy tenant lookup, etc. In addition to those features, you’re also able to add online payments, site graphics and email invoicing whenever you’d like. Decide which storage management software version is right for you by visiting our Self Storage Management Software Comparison guide.

QuikStor express management systems are scalable which allows flexible software upgrades without the loss of data. Learn more about our Management Software today at 1800-321-1987.