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Secure your facility with Keypads

Wired and Wireless Access Control Keypads with a 7-year warranty including lightning damage! Sophisticated,
yet modular, design works even when your computer is turned off.

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Self Storage Wireless Keypads
Infinity Keypads Specifications

wireless gate keypad self storage

 Wireless or Wired

Infinity keypads can be connected to the computer over Wi-Fi or Ethernet. You can have any combination of wireless or wired keypads at your facility. Have spotty internet? Don’t worry! An internet connection is not required to run keypads at the facility. Wireless connection will continue to work even when the internet doesn’t!

Onscreen Activity & Keypad Controls

Your Infinity keypads integrate directly with QuikStor Express software. Keypad activity is conveniently displayed in the main QuikStor Express window allowing your managers to keep an eye on gate activity throughout the day!

Gate keypad activity Quikstor Security

Gate Keypad Activity QuikStor Software

Easily Accessed Gate Reports

A variety of different gate reports including gate activity for all units, gate activity for a single unit, and all gate codes can be viewed, saved, exported or even emailed directly from your QuikStor Express software!

No Data Wiring Necessary

Don’t want to trench and lay conduit throughout your facility just to wire up a couple of new gates? Infinity keypads can communicate to your computer via your wireless network. Internet is NOT necessary!

Wireless Gate Keypad

Gate Keypad Tenant Messages QuikStor Infinity

Cutomizable keypad messages

With Infinity you can customize the messages displayed to your tenants for various keypad events such as let in’s, let outs, past due tenants and more. Let your tenant know your hours or wish them a happy holiday, it’s simple when you have Infinity.