August 15, 2023

API: 2.0.230814 | UI: 1.117.4 | ECOM: 1.0.230802

  • Performance Enhancements – improved page loading throughout Cloud

Bug Fixes & UI Improvements

  • Dashboard – the ability to generate a lease and send via email for e-signature has been added
  • Tenant Portal – the scheduled rent was being displayed as the online rate on the reservations screen
  • Unit Setup – applied filters are persistent across unit setup after saving
  • Website Editor – corrected an issue with the office hours. 12:00PM was displaying as 00:00PM in the sidebar
  • Reports – Insurance/Protection Activity – UI improvements to properly display the paid amount for tenants starting insurance


July 17, 2023

API: 2.0.230706 | UI: 1.116.3 | ECOM: 1.0.230707

Bug Fixes & UI Improvements

  • Placeholder Improvements
    • [[Tenant.DriversLicenseState]] – New variable added for tenant driver’s license state
    • [[Lease.NextPaymentStatement]] – upcoming rent is now displayed if a tenant is delinquent
  • Elavon Card Reader – saving a card for autobilling is now working correctly
  • Reservations – modified rent amount during a reservation is now being reflected properly on the move-in screen
  • Website Editor – custom messages text box now allows text to be added properly
  • Tenant Validation – if Date of Birth is set as a required field, it is now highlighting properly during a move-in
  • Reports – Delinquency List – entries that had no value under Day’s Late were not being properly accounted for on the PDF export
  • Integrations – Digigate – improvements to the status field update process
  • Template Management – improvements were made to the default Rent Change Letter


June 20, 2023

API: 2.0.230609 | UI: 1.115.5 | ECOM: 1.0.230612

Bug Fixes & UI Improvements

  • Placeholder Improvements
    • [[LinkedLease.InvoiceTable]] – now displays rent tax and insurance/protection
    • [[Lease.NextPaymentStatement]] – corrected an issue with the date range displayed for the rent breakdown
  • Improvements to the Reset Password screen
  • Tenant Portal
    • additional speed & loading improvements across the website
    • fixed an issue with the Social Security field not allowing input
    • addressed an issue with military fields not always saving in Cloud when entered during the online rental process
    • improved tenant information loading after the move-in process
  • Rental Rate Management – corrected the dates displayed for Desired and Actual Effective Date
  • Cloud CRM – improvements to the tenant group selection process
  • Tenant History – improved verbiage when saving a card on file and enrolling in autobilling
  • Receipts – payment receipts for a payment that was taken manually (not autobilled) was not copying the facility if set to do so in Tenant Document Delivery Settings
  • Reservations – converting a reservation to a move-in was causing the “Invoice for X Months” field to revert to 0. This has been changed back to the default of 1
  • Website Editor – a recent update to Chrome caused display issues when the editor was loaded. Changes to accommodate the Chrome update have been implemented

May 10, 2023

API: 2.0.230428 | UI: 1.114.3

  • Payments – updated payment module to improve overall payment processing speed and reliability
  • Reports – Daily Report – Free Pro-rate move-ins now display under the Manager Discretionary Transaction section
  • Template Management – Pre-lien Notice – Posting Dates have been added to the [[Lease.MoniesOwedTable]] and [[Lease.OutstandingAmountItemsTable]] placeholders
  • Insurance/Protection – the ability to pay with a Method on File has been added

Bug Fixes & UI Improvements

  • Tenant Portal – speed and loading improvements
  • Reports – Management Overview – loading improvements
  • Reports – Daily Report – “Other Charges” was not displaying when the transaction was part of a Retail Sale
  • Reports – Daily Report – “Monthly Charges” was not display in the Monthly column, only as part of the total
  • Elavon Card Reader – improvements to how payments with credits are displayed
  • Document Center – corrected an issue with a missing email address correctly showing failed in the Communication tab, but sent in Document Center
  • Tenant Delivery Settings – rent change letters were being emailed & texted even though the global delivery setting was set to off for both
  • Rental Rate Management – Viewing previous rent changes did not always load, or loaded slowly
  • User Management – Owner & District Manager level users now have access to configure the QuickBooks integration
  • Template Management – two placeholders ([[Transaction.Amount]] and [[Transaction.Statement]]) were displaying zero for non-tenant retail sales receipts

April 4, 2023

API: 2.0.230329 | UI: 1.113.4

  • Integration – Open Tech CIA keypad system is now integrated to QuikStor Cloud
  • Website Editor – Specials can now be toggled On or Off for the Tenant Rental & Reservation portal
  • Template Management – the character limit on SMS templates has increased from 160 to 306 characters
  • Former Tenants – a Notes button has been added under the Action column
  • Template Management – the placeholders for [[Lease.MoniesOwed]], [[Lease.MoniesOwedTable]], [[Lease.NextPaymentTable]] and [[Lease.NextPaymentStatement]] have been updated to include a more comprehensive breakdown of upcoming charges

Bug Fixes & UI Improvements

  • Payments – the green OK button at the bottom of the payment screen has been renamed to PAY for clarity
  • Cloud CRM – corrected an issue with saving events when the description was too long
  • Tenant Document Delivery – some unsigned documents were being sent to tenants after a move-in.
  • Tenant Document Delivery – prelien & lien sale documents were being sent out via SMS when not configured
  • Template Management – the default Lien Sale Notice had two typos that have been corrected
  • Move-in – selecting a tenant from the Tenant List, and then adding an Alternate, generates an error with within the cell phone field
  • Tenant Portal – the Active Military radio buttons are no longer pre-selected to No, forcing tenants to choose one or the other
  • Tenant Portal – the unit number for single-unit tenants is now displayed on their dashboard and not just under the Make a Payment button

March 15, 2023

API: 2.0.230309 | UI: 1.112.5 

  • Rental Rate Management – the top label header now remains frozen for easy reference.
  • Reports – totals have now been added to the bottom of the Rent Roll report


Bug Fixes & UI Improvements

  • Tenant Document Delivery – improvements to global and local tenant delivery settings

  • Specials – addressed an issue with the “Pay X months…” special and Protection
  • User management – the Manage Users tab is now visible to all users that have the correct permissions
  • Notifications – modifying Lead information would make some related incoming SMS messages show the sender as blank
  • Template Management – void/reversing a multi-month payment, then making a one-month payment would show a past due balance in the [[Lease.NextPaymentStatement]] placeholder
  • Payments – the credit card expiration dropdown now includes years up to 2050
  • Non-Tenant Retail Sales – an SMS payment receipt is now being sent after a sale if setup to do so
  • Reports – Daily Report – deleted units that were marked damaged were still showing on the Daily Report

February 14, 2023

API: 2.0.230202 | UI: 1.111.6 

  • Reports Inventory Transaction Report – a column for Cost has been added
  • Tenant History – additional auditing trail information has been to the Tenant History to improve change/update tracking

Bug Fixes & UI Improvements

  • Rental Rate Management – corrected an issue with the effective date when using the Tenants by Unit Type filter
  • Adding Site Insurance – cleaned up some UI issues showing duplicate or additional insurance coverage entries
  • Specials – addressed scrollbar issues when creating a special
  • Tenant Payment Portal – removed the ability for linked payments to exceed the “Maximum Pay Ahead Months” setting
  • CloudGate – the tenant permissions section has been optimized for QuikStor Guardian Access Control users
  • Reports – Facility Summary Report – some Tenant debit/credits were displaying as Manager debit/credits
  • Reports – Facility Summary Report – Manager debit/credits were not displaying correctly on the report
  • Cloud App – an issue with success messages being shown for all transactions, regardless of result, as been corrected
  • Cloud App – occupancy & delinquency totals now match between the app and Cloud
  • Cloud App – general UI & performance improvements
  • Delinquency – corrected an issue with how lien payments were reverting the delinquency status to Cut Lock instead of None
  • Placeholders – improvements to the LinkedLease placeholders have been done for the autopay & rent raise documents
  • Website Editor – general UI improvements
  • Rent Roll – number formatting improvements

January 18, 2023

API: 2.0.230106 | UI: 1.110.3 | ECOM: 1.0.230110

  • Reports – Delinquency List – a column for email has been added
  • Voids & Reversals – an additional user feedback message has been added for ACH payments that have timed out and cannot be returned to the bank/processor
  • Placeholders – the “Transaction.LineItemTable” placeholder will now display the breakdown for “Other Charges”

Bug Fixes & UI Improvements

  • Placeholders – the “MoniesOwed” placeholder now correctly displays Protection if selected
  • Placeholders – the “Transaction.LineItemTable” placeholder is now displaying added credits correctly
  • Inventory – UI improvements have been made to the modal when returning inventory after a refunded retail sale transaction
  • Ecom – Tenant Payment Portal – a red outline has been removed from the City field
  • Misc. UI improvements on the Tenant History & User Management modals

December 21, 2022

API: 2.0.221208 | UI: 1.109.2

  • Tenant Portalthe Active Military question during rentals is now a Yes or No radio button ensuring that a choice is selected
  • Tenant Portal – reservation emails now send out both a payment receipt and reservation receipt
  • Tenant History – changes to a tenant’s delinquency options are now logged in Tenant History

Bug Fixes & UI Improvements

  • Communications – spelling error corrected on the compose screen
  • Rental Rate Management – corrected an issue with changes to the rent dollar amount or percentage not applying to selected units
  • Move Out – an issue with values after the decimal not being accepted in Collect Other (Admin Category) has been corrected

November 18, 2022

API: 2.0.221115 | UI: 1.108.4

Bug Fixes & UI Improvements

  • Performance & speed improvements
  • Reports – User Activity – Payments with Specials now show as ‘Payment’ instead of ‘Other’
  • Reports – Bank Deposits – an intermittent issue with certain date ranges displaying incorrect data has been resolved
  • UI refinements to the Tenant Profile list
  • CloudGate – updated the link for the app setup instructions
  • UI improvements for keycode and additional email boxes not displaying correctly on the screen
  • Website Editor – some users were receiving an error message when accessing ‘Custom Checkout Messages’

October 25, 2022

API: 2.0.221012 | UI: 1.106.4 | ECOM: 1.0.221021

Bug Fixes & UI Improvements

  • Site Editor – improvements to the checkbox functionality of the ReCaptcha feature in the footer
  • Site Editor – emailed now a required field for the Contact Us form on the website
  • Online Payment Portal – refactored payment calculations in the ecommerce engine
  • Monthly Charges – addressed a scheduled rent issue with monthly charges for delinquent tenants
  • Reports – corrected a typo on the Snapshot report
  • Janus/Noke Keypad Integration – the gate code is now being sent over properly on move-in

October 5, 2022

API: 2.0.220926 | UI: 1.105.3

  • Saving a new Method on File now automatically adds a note in Tenant Notes
  • Elavon – a field has been added on the Configuration for the MID
  • Dashboard – Others Allowed Access now displays under the Alt tab
  • Janus SecureGuard Integration – the ability to view/modify/add a grace period in CloudGate has been added

Bug Fixes & UI Improvements

  • Collection Detail Report by Unit Types – improved the formatting on the pie charts & callouts
  • Cloud CRM – addressed issues with placeholders not displaying correctly and event time not being displayed on reports
  • Monthly Charges – UI improves have been made to the way charges are displayed & and saving with a zero amount
  • Janus SecureGuard Integration – transfers now send automatically without a manual push update
  • CloudGate – the keypad access right for Do Not Allow Access is now updating correctly
  • Elavon Pinpad (all models) – additional user feedback is now provided to ensure that the billing address is added prior to using the pinpad

September 13, 2022

API: 2.0.220819 | UI: 1.104.5

  • Reports – Collection by Unit Types – has been added
  • Integrations – Safelease – a new insurance/protection integration has been added
  • Integrations – Storage Shield – a new insurance/protection integration has been added
  • Notes – system-generated entries are now added to Tenant Notes and Tenant History when a user cancels a rent raise
  • Templates – placeholders for military tenants have been added to the Lease Agreement. Including ETS Name, Unit Name, Unit Phone Number, and Commanding Officer

Bug Fixes & UI Improvements

  • Website Editor – Percent and Full Charge options under Reservation options is now working correctly
  • Delinquency – online payments by linked delinquent tenants no observe the grace period setting
  • Rental Rate Management – a checkbox at the top of the list of tenants has been added to select, or unselect, all tenants quickly
  • Rental Rate Management – clicking the View button for previous rent changes now displays all tenants affected correctly
  • Rental Rate Management – additional settings have been added to allow facilities to better define the effective date that they want a rent change to take effect
  • Integrations – Janus SecureLock  – the Site ID and additional unit/tenant columns added to the Lock section in Cloud
  • Online Tenant Portal – updated the “phone” label to “cell phone” to better match the corresponding field in Cloud
  • Online Tenant Portal – refined the field validation for ACH routing number
  • CloudGate – updated user permissions to better handle the addition of “Holiday” dates
  • Tenant Information Screen – the additional address line in Change Info is now displayed under Personal Info on the main tenant dashboard
  • Tenant Information Screen – an intermittent issue with some sites/tenants still displaying autobilling as “Yes” even when autobilling was removed from the unit
  • Reports – List of Vacant Units – a column has been added for reservation expiration date
  • Reports – Facility Summary – performance improvements to the export feature have been added

July 6, 2022

API: 2.0.220704 | UI: 1.103.4

Bug Fixes & UI Improvements

  • Reports – Daily Report – added a Year-over-Year column to the Yearly Collection section
  • Reports – Annual Revenue Report – formatting improvements
  • Reports – Declined Emails Report – addressed an issue with the report not sending for all tenants when needed
  • Reports – Delinquency List – Applied Date column now matches the date that the action in the Status column was applied
  • Competition Survey – improvements when updating prices while using filters/sorting
  • Template Management – correct a spelling error on the Tenant Communication default document
  • Website – Fixed an issue with Google Maps intermittently not displaying properly for some sites
  • Cleaned up how ecommerce handled out of country tenant fields
  • Leads – Exporting the PDF or Excel now properly populates the Unit Types column
  • Tenant Profile – when selecting tax-exempt under ‘Profile’ for a new move-in, the tax remained present. This has been corrected.

June 8, 2022

API: 2.0.220608 | UI: 1.102.5

  • ZenDesk Integration – QuikStor Cloud now has an integration with Zendesk to improve the technical support experience. Users can now automatically create their own cases, view the case status, view previous cases, and easily send updates or additional information all from their Zendesk portal. The Knowledgebase has also been moved to Zendesk to allow easier searches to help users find answers quickly on their own. To get started click on your Account Info in the upper right corner and click the “Help” button.
  • SMS Messages – messages are now queued during restricted overnight hours based on facility time zone
  • E-Signature – leases and auto-billing agreements can now be emailed regardless of e-signature setting for the document
  • Rental Rate Module – improvements to the “minimum days to raise rent” setting and user feedback in the module notifies the user if they are trying to raise rent for a user inside of the variable setting in Client Management

Bug Fixes & UI Improvements

  • Reports – Facility Summary Report – improvements have been made on this report to drastically decrease loading times
  • Communications – attaching multiple documents to a composed email would cause intermittent issues with the email sending
  • Delinquency Setup – UI improvements to the cut-lock date filter
  • Website – Feature section link was redirecting to an error for some facilities. The linking issue has been resolved
  • Retail Sales – adding an “Other Charges” item and then processing the payment was resulting in an error message

April 7, 2022

API: 2.0.220329 | UI: 1.101.5

  • Generate Lease Agreements – create a new tenant lease agreement directly from the tenant’s dashboard
  • Website Editor – The description for Document Upload has been expanded from 50 to 500 characters
  • ACH On File – the ACH payment method on file for a tenant may now be modified without removing & adding it back to the account
  • Alternate Tenant – the ability to search for alternate tenants has been added to the Tenant List (under the Operations menu)
  • Reports – Auto-billing Report – search fields now search all pages, not just the current page
  • Performance optimization – additional UI & performance improvements

Bug Fixes & UI Improvements

  • Reports – Daily Report – Combo payments with cash & credit cards are now displaying properly
  • Report – Trial Bank Deposit – the PDF export now shows the ACH total as, “Total ACH” instead of, “Total Charges”
  • Online Tenant Portal – Amex transactions were being displayed as Visa in the Elavon Converge dashboard
  • Online Rental Portal – when a tenant adds themselves to a waitlist, they are now redirected correctly to the home page
  • SMS Dashboard – some users were having intermittent delays when clicking on the unit on incoming messages. This has been resolved.

February 15, 2022

API: 2.0.220212 | UI: 1.100.6

  • Text Notifications – timestamps have been added to all texts
  • Reports – Delinquency report now has additional column detail for late fees and other delinquency related fees
  • Reports – row shading has been added to the Transaction History Report to improve viewing of the PDF
  • Template Placeholders – existing tenant inventory purchases now shows item detail
  • Performance Optimization – improved the process that requests tenant information on loading

Bug Fixes & UI Improvements

  • Text move-in receipts were intermittently not sending out for some clients
  • Voided transactions that included a credit were showing incorrectly in the transaction history
  • Prorated move-in when rent tax was involved was not calculating the subtotals correctly

January 18, 2022

API: 2.0.220110 | UI: 1.99.5

  • Cloud CRM – a checkbox has been added to easily select all tenants on a page versus clicking each individually
  • Online Rental Portal – a toggle has been added so that each facility may decide to display their available units in a list or grid view
  • Noke Smart Entry Integration – an auto-batching feature was added for Noke integration updates
  • CloudGate – corrected a UI issue with the date range selector not being positioned in the right place
  • Reports – Rent Roll – when exporting to XLS all units are now exported versus just those on the first page
  • Reports – Daily Report – the running total for December has been corrected to display only amounts collected in December
  • Elavon Payment Integration – updates & improvements have been made to the payment and autopay integration module
  • Misc. UI & Performance improvements


December 15, 2021

API: 2.0.211203 | UI: 1.98.7

  • Payment History – an export button has been added to export all transactions in the current list to an Excel spreadsheet  
  • Online Tenant Portal – Account Summary breakdown has been expanded to include all items that make up “Amount Due Monthly”
  • Online Rental Portal – A toggle has been added so that each facility can choose between “Single Page View” and “Size Category View”, i.e. Small/Medium/Large
  • Document Center – the button, “Print Selected” has been added to each section of the Document Center
  • Document Center – the Refund Receipt now populates in the Document Center after a move-out

Bug Fixes & UI Improvements

  • Reservation & Move-In Screens – Country is pre-populated using the facility country from Site Setup
  • Move-in – the “Add Alternate Email” button has been renamed, “Add Another Email” so that adding multiple email addresses for a tenant is not confused with an Alternate contact email
  • Rental Rate Management – Clicking on the View button for previous rent changes did not always display all data related to the rental change
  • Rental Rate Management – the Last Raise Date displayed in the list view did not always display the latest raise date
  • Online Portals – the Driver’s License field will now accept up to 19 characters, including hyphens
  • Cloud CRM – misc. UI improvements related to sorting, list views, etc
  • Insurance/Protection – misc. UI updates to ensure the correct wording is displayed depending on if the facility is using Protection or Insurance


November 4, 2021

API: 2.0.211027 | UI: 1.97.12


  • Text Messages – automated tenant text messages will now be sent only during normal business hours

  • Reports – the Three Available report may now be exported to PDF

  • Online Rentals – when a tenant reserves or rents a unit online, the system will now automatically select the unit that has been vacant the longest

  • DigiGate Integration – The sync file has been improved.

  • Rental Rate Management – Holding the CTRL key now allows for multiple units to be selected on the raise/lower screen

  • Insurance Providers – Storage Protectors has been added as a provider

    Bug Fixes & UI Improvements

  • CloudGate – Site ID for the Tenant App now display correctly

  • Gate Activity – clicking on the Full Screen button now opens a new browser tab

  • Mobile Website – sign out button has been added

  • Transfer – selecting one unit, then switching the unit, was displaying the incorrect unit information. This has been corrected.

October 5, 2021

API: 2.0.210924 | UI: 1.96.1

  • Scheduled Reports – On/Off toggles have been added to the Overlocks report 

  • Linked unit invoices are now saved to all linked tenant accounts, not only the primary

  • Sending a text message from Lead Management now records that text message with the lead

  • CloudGate – the non-tenant list has been extended to show entries beyond twenty

  • User Management – the Occupancy Over Time report has been added

Bug Fixes & UI Improvements

  • Additional wording for Protection instead of Insurance has been added for facilities using Protection
  • CloudGate – a UI issue has been resolved that did not always display the tailgate settings for all users
  • Unit Type Features – an issue has been resolved that was preventing unit type features from being edited or deleted

September 2, 2021

API: 2.0.210901 | UI: 1.95.2

Bug Fixes & UI Improvements

  • Site Map – visual UI and PDF export improvements
  • Document Center – documents set for print and email in the Tenant Document Delivery Settings are now properly showing in the Needs to Be Printed section
  • Template Management – the Delinquency Action placeholder has been updated to address a date issue and N/A from displaying for certain actions
  • Transfers – payment receipts now correctly showing the new unit versus the former unit
  • Reset Tenant Portal Password – tenants without an email address can now use the Reset Web Password function in Cloud
  • Tenant Portal – payment preview now correctly displays for tenants on ACH auto billing

August 4, 2021

API: 2.0.210725 | UI: 1.94.4

  • Invoices on Demand – new button added to the Tenant Information screen allowing a user to select the email address of the recipient and number of months of the invoice
  • Rental Rate Management – checkboxes have been added to easily allow tenants to be removed from the rate change list

    Bug Fixes

    • Retail Sales – receipts are now properly generating in the Document Center
    • Retail Sales – marking an inventory item as  “Tax Free” during a move-in no longer charges tax on that item
    • CloudGate – improvements have been made to populating incoming gate activity
    • Change Info – military fields are now displaying for existing tenants

    June 28, 2021

    API: 2.0.210614 | UI: 1.93.8

    • Cloud App – a push notification option has been added to notify owners/managers of new payments, online reservations, and text messages received in Cloud
    • Website Editor – HTML is now available in the custom messages field
    • Online Reservations – a notification has been added in Cloud when a reservation expires. It is also added as a task in the calendar if the setting is set to “Notify”
    • Notes can now be added to vacant units
    • The ability to add invoices, notices, etc to multiple email addresses has been added
    • Template Management – a statement placeholder has been added for invoices showing a comprehensive breakdown of charges
    • Document Center – a filter has been added for “Emailed” and “Needs to be Emailed” documents

      Bug Fixes

      • Non-tenant codes are now working properly from CloudGate
      • Newly created units created at the same time as new unit types are now displaying correctly on the Online Rentals portal
      • Second late notices are now generating correctly
      • Facility Summary Report date filters have been fixed
      • Refinements to linked unit document generation
      • Minor bug fixes & UI improvements

      May 10, 2021

      API: 2.0.210506 | UI: 1.92.13

      Scheduled Reports

      In this version we have added a feature many have asked for, scheduled reports! 🎉 Quickly setup multiple email addresses to receive reports. Each person will receive one email with all of the reports they are scheduled to receive for the day. Animation of Scheduling Reports in Storage Management Software

      • Site Map – the ability to add custom icons to the map has been added
      • Lead Management – you can now add a new task directly from the lead management dashboard
      • Reports – a new report has been added, “Payment Source with Method” that allows the user to see how revenue is coming into the facility
      • Reports – if there are reports in your Favorites folder then the Report Center will default to that folder when opened
      • Cloud Help – a link to the Cloud Knowledgebase has been added under the Account Management menu
      • Cloud Help – convenience links to both the Cloud Knowledgebase and the Cloud Learning Center have been added in the How Do I and Report a Problem help forms
      • Linked Units – move-out refunds can now be easily added to a linked unit as a credit
      • Former Tenants – uploaded documents are now retained when reviewing former tenants

      UI Improvements

      • The Retail Sales button was removed from the Other Options menu in favor of having it directly in the payment module for tenant inventory sales
      • The duplicate red Delete Web Password buttons have been removed with the Reset Web Password on the Tenant Dashboard remaining
      • Template Management templates have been consolidated and streamlined

      Bug Fixes

      • Speed improvements have been made when using the CRM module
      • Online Tenant Payments – an issue with ACH payments not processing has been resolved
      • Tenant Facing Portal – some users were receiving a role not authorized warning when logging in. This has been resolved.
      • Former Tenants – doing a move-in from the Former Tenant list now correctly brings over the Alternate information

      April 6, 2021

      API: 2.0.210330 | UI: 1.91.10

      • Rent Roll – customizable columns and table view have been added giving the user the power to create their own rent roll report
      • Text Messages – the ability to send & receive photos in Cloud via text has been added
      • Rental Rate Management – a link to the rents table has been added to the date in the Last Raise column showing a complete list of all raise dates & amounts
      • Change Info – improved UI experience when setting up a payment method for auto billing


      • New tenants can now be automatically emailed a PDF site map showing them their unit location. Click to learn how to set this up.
      • The ability for existing tenants to pay online using ACH has been added
        enable ach payments on self storage website
      • Existing tenants may now save ACH as Method on File or set it for auto billing
      • The phone number has been added to the Contact Information footer

      Bug Fixes

      • Communications – declined autopay emails are now shown in the Communications tab
      • Site Map – adding a new unit no longer affects the alignment of angled units
      • On some forms a message of “No Changes Detected” would come up even when changes were made.
      • Widget – Collections Running Total – the calculation was not including today’s collected amount
      • Alternates – saving issues have been corrected when adding an alternate when one wasn’t setup previously

      March 5, 2021

      API: 2.0.210302 | UI: 1.90.07

      • Website Editor – an option has been added to allow facilities to choose to collect “Prorate + 1 month rent on Day X”
      • Website Editor – an option has been added to allow facilities to restrict online payments if a tenant is X days delinquent
      • Template Management – new placeholder for “Current Rent” has been added

      Bug Fixes

      • Annual Revenue & Occupancy – minor bug fixes and UI improvements
      • The waitlist button for online rentals & reservations would not always bring up the form if a tenant switched between unit types
      • An issue with CRM events not emailing if multiple tenants were selected has been resolved
      • Emailed PDF version of the auto-charged report now shows all transactions

      February 15, 2021

      API: 2.0.210212 | UI: 1.89.09

      New Feature! – Rental Rate Management

      • Introducing Rental Rate Management – a new way to create, share, review, and implement rental rate changes is here!
        • Use a step-by-step wizard to choose which tenants to modify, by how much, and when
        • Choose between modifying the scheduled rent or existing tenants
        • View a comprehensive list with all units/tenants in your search that shows the overall dollar increase/decrease and percentage increase/decrease that dynamically updates as you tailor your rate adjustments
        • Send for Review – create your proposed rental changes and then send them to others in your organization for them to review and add notes directly in the module
        • As each new rental rate change is committed they will be saved in the Revenue Management section so that your team may view all previous rent raises or modifications at any time

      New Support Form

      • A new form has been added in Cloud to better help users report questions, issues, or feature requests. This form should be used for any support requests and is conveniently broken down by “How Do I…”, “Report an Issue”, or “Feature Request”. Key user and facility information is included in your help request streamlining the process to allow us to better serve you. This can be found by clicking your user name in the upper right-hand corner and clicking the “Help” button

        Cloud Gate

        • Time Onsite – want to quickly know who is onsite, and how long they have been there? Check out the “Time Onsite” section on the CloudGate Dashboard
        • Check the real-time status of your access control keypads from CloudGate (CloudGate > Settings > Keypads)
        • When a manager or tenant uses the app to open an access point it will now display “Manager App” or “Tenant App” in the Method column of gate activity
        • When a user opens an access point directly from CloudGate it will display the Cloud user name and “CloudGate” in the Method column of gate activity


        • Transaction History – all payments and credits will now show as green on the screen to allow quick reference for collections

        • Transaction History – an “All Dates” option has been added to the date range selector
        • Transfers – transfer payment options now include Method on File
        • Tenant Communications – an option has been added to disable sending the “Declined Payment” email automatically when tenant auto payments are declined
        • Tenant History – a PDF export button has been added


        • Totals have been added to the Unit Efficiency report
        • A custom date range has been added to the Bank Deposit report
        • The last 4 digits of the tenant’s credit card has been added to the Bank Deposit report

        Misc. Features & Bug Fixes

        • Facility Files – a folder structure has been added so that a facility can create folders, nested folders, and organize their facility files
        • Global Alerts – an updated alert system has been added to share what’s new in Cloud, pending updates, and other Cloud related news
        • CRM – several bug fixes and improvements have been added to the CRM module
        • Manager App – an issue has been corrected that was affecting some clients where the access point would be held open instead of open momentarily
        • Tenants can now rent or reserve online using ACH (Electronic Check)

          January 21, 2021

          API: 2.0.210121 | UI: 1.88.07


          • Daily Report – reservations have been added to the unit statistics section
          • Rent Roll – a tooltip hover has been added to the size column providing additional unit information, i.e. type, floor, location, etc.
          • Move-Out refunds are now included in reports, dependent on your settings
          • The Facility Summary Report now includes non-tenant inventory purchases in the Inventory total


          • Payment screen – the retail sales section has been relocated to the Make a Different Payment section

          Misc. Features & Bug Fixes

          • Template Management – a new template has been added to automatically send an email to a tenants with declined credit cards
          • Template Management – a new email and document template has been added for linked unit payments
          • Communications – a timestamp has been added to all SMS/Text messages sent or received
          • CloudGate – the Site ID for the tenant app has been added under Settings
          • Tasks Due – the notification bubble at the top now displays the number of open or outstanding tasks
          • Changes to tenant information is now correctly logging in tenant history
          • Move-in using the Former Tenant option now includes the alternate tenant information

          New Integration

          • Cloud is now integrated to the Janus/Noke SecureGuard electronic lock system

          January 12, 2021

          API: 2.0.201230 | UI: 1.87.13

          • E-Sign pending documents may now be deleted by users with District Manager or Owner permissions
          • Transaction History is now available for Former Tenants
          • Texting Notification Improvements – read, respond, add notes, or even make a payment all from the dashboard notification button
          • Communications – a timestamp has been added to the date column for all emails


          • New report added – Occupancy over Time by Unit Type
          • New report added – Tenant Report has been added directly to the Tenant Information screen allowing a comprehensive report on the tenant to be created


          The left graphical panel has been removed with key menu options being moved to the top of the screen. Other menu options are now found in the report center. Graphs are now available as widgets

          • Occupancy widget added
          • Delinquency Pie Chart widget added

            Misc. Features & Bug Fixes

            • UTC issues with PTD have been resolved

            December 1, 2020

             API: 2.0.201123 | UI: 1.86.14

            • Ability to apply a credit to any category during a payment
            • Integration Management – PTI Integration added
            • Individual unit late fee setup has been added
            • Reports – New report added – Three Available – displays a list of three vacant units for each unit type


            • Delinquency Report – a column was added called, “Last Contacted”
            • The Collection Detail & Analysis report has been removed
            • Additional Income & Monthly Charge section has been added to the Collection Detail Report
            • Reversals will now be displayed on the Trial Bank Deposit report if the variable is selected

            Template Management

            • Placeholders for vehicles fields in the Parking tab have been added
            • New template to send to tenant’s with declined credit card payments
            • Placeholders added for last 4 digits of credit card and check number

            Dashboard Widgets

            • Custom Links option added to allow multiple links into a single widget
            • CloudGate widget added for Infinity and Guardian Keypad Users
            • Leads Management widget added

            Misc. Features & Bug Fixes

            • Automatically enroll tenants for autopay that rent online – variable added to enable this feature or not
            • Autopay agreement now displays all linked units when adding autopayment to the account
            • Check number field maximum has been increased from 9 to 20 digits
            • CloudGate –Site ID has been added to the Tenant App settings section
            • CloudGate – general UI fixes and improvements
            • Site Management – configuration screens have been consolidated and streamlined
            • Improvements were made to the Annual Revenue & Occupancy report
            • Auto-generated keycodes now have default time & keypad zones generated as well
            • Non-Tenant codes are now being sent correctly to the access control system

            October 13, 2020

             API: 2.0.201008 | UI: 1.85.07

            • Online rentals – document uploads are now available to ensure tenant ID, tenant photo, insurance, and other documents are included at time of rental
            • Online rentals – custom checkout and upload messages can now be added to the checkout screens
            • Online Reservations – streamlined the reservation screens for clarity and mobile responsiveness
            • Former Tenants – a payment option has been added directly in the Former Tenants module
            • Competition Survey – multiple improvements including additional columns, column name refinements, and toggles to exclude sizes or SF columns
            • Site Map upgrades including
              • Add custom text to your layout
              • Add objects such as gates, office, cameras, dumpsters, and more
              • Print a site map with the tenant’s unit highlighted directly from the Tenant Information screen
              • A background can now be added for onscreen and printed site maps allowing for facility branding  
              • Filters allow a user to view units based on status, size, or category
              • Search functionality was added
            • Second month prorate option has been added
            • Reports – current inventory report added
            • Report Center – new cards added for quick access to modules such as Site Map, Competition Survey, Rent Roll, Snapshot, and more!
            • CA Late Law – an option was added to turn on or off the 15% maximum threshold
            • Doorking Access Control Integration added
            • Specials – prorate percentage options added to several specials
            • Specials – a “Does Not Expire” slider has been added to the “Receive X percent discount for X months” special
            • Task List – list of units when creating a task is now a searchable list
            • Lead Management – unit size column added to leads list
            • Release Notes – the what’s new section is now easily accessible by clicking your username in the upper right corner and then “What’s New?”
            • Setup dedicated specials & discounts for your online rentals & reservations.
            • Online rentals – setting added to allow document uploads to be optional.
            • Websites – the ability to link a facility’s social media accounts has been added
            • Reports – slider added to show or hide report card images

            Bug Fixes

            • Addressed the grayed out Compose button on the SMS/Text communication screen
            • Tenant App – the “too far from facility” error has been resolved
            • General bug fixes & UI improvements
            • District Manager role may now add additional users
            • Site Map unit sorting has been fixed
            • Site Map delinquent unit coloring has been corrected.

            August 20, 2020

            API: 2.0.200820 | UI: 1.83.08

            • ALL NEW online reservation & rental unit selection screens and checkout process including:
              • New layout allows prospective tenants to see reservation and rental options on a single screen
              • Online pricing allows the facility to add a special online rental rate directly onscreen without affecting the scheduled rate
              • Abandoned cart functionality added which creates an “Abandoned Cart” lead in Lead Management if a prospective tenant fails to complete a reservation or move-in online
              • Units are now categorized between Small, Medium, and Large
              • Allow a prospective tenant to add their email address to the waiting list for unit sizes with no vacancy
              • Coming Soon – .PDF document upload to so that tenants can upload proof of insurance and other documents at time of rental

              • Specials – create and apply specials for existing tenants
              • Dashboard Widget Added – Recently Viewed Accounts – add a widget to see the last five accounts you have looked at, including name, unit number and QuikLink to the tenant’s account
              • Reports – Specials Used – new graphical report to track specials used for a date range
              • Reports – Tenants With a Payment Method on File – new report to show which tenants have a payment method on file, but are not actively on autobilling
              • Reports – line graphs added to the Occupancy Over Time report
              • Reports – exporting to PDF or Excel now adds the site name abbreviation to the file name
              • Sitemap 2.0 – the ability to add multiple floors or buildings has been implemented
              • Gate Activity – unit numbers are now clickable links to the tenant information screen
              • CloudGate – the keypad icon has been updated to reflect the Infinity keypad housing
              • CA Late Law – an option to round down to the nearest dollar has been added
              • Autobilling variable added to allow the user to default payments to the outstanding balance
              • Tenant Information – 9 digit zip codes are now supported
              • Tenants with linked units are now sent a single invoice
              • Automated task added  for expected move out date
              • Communications – Resend option added to the SMS Texting action buttons
              • Transaction History now allows date range searches for viewing and exporting
                screenshot showing selecting date range.
              • Lead Management – Excel export added for the current leads list
              • Auto-Logout occurs after 15 minutes of inactivity between 7PM and 7AM
              • Transfer receipt is now emailed whether or not there was an associated payment
              • Black screen after clicking some reports or dashboard widgets has been resolved
              • General bug fixes & UI improvements

              July 29, 2020

              API: 2.0.200728 | UI: 1.82.15

              • All-New User Management portal – choose between pre-defined defaults such as Owner, District Manager, Manager, Assistant Manager, or Accountant. Copy existing user roles or tailor individual permissions for each employee
              • Onscreen pop-up notifications when incoming text messages come in, including the message, tenant photo, unit number, phone number, PTD, balance, and any linked units associated with the tenant
              • Dashboard notification button that will highlight when you have new messages. Quick glance will show the number of messages and clicking the button will show all message notifications
              • Sitemap 2.0 – all-new graphical sitemap builder has been introduced for a faster more streamlined experience. Multiple floors, icons, and more to follow!
                animated sample of storage software map unit placement
              • Inventory can now be purchased directly through an existing tenant’s account, either as part of a payment or on its own
              • Reorganization of the Report Center categories, including new Audit, Management, Marketing, and Revenue Enhancement categories
              • New Report – Prepaid Tenants – new graphical report that breaks down tenants that are prepaid, including totals
              • New Report – Damaged Unit List – report of all damaged units, with notes, date marked damaged, and length of time it has been marked damaged
              • Reports – pie graphs added to the Autobilling reports
              • Reports – the Management Overview now includes a toggle to display numbers or checkmarks & Xs
              • Reports – charge date added to the Credit Card Auto Billing report
              • The option to include tenant notes on the Vacate report is now available
              • Notes, emails, texts and other communications now available for former tenants
              • Emails – add a customized signature to your emails in the Communications center
              • Primary unit indicator now added to the Tenant Information screen
              • Unit Types – an online rate may now be added to display online
              • Template management – right clicking during editing now includes copy/paste/cut commands
              • Gate commands initiated in Cloud (i.e., Open, Close, Hold Open) are now logged in the Gate Activity screen & reports
              • Date range selector added to the gate activity screen in CloudGate
              • Refinements and improvements to the CloudGate UI
              • General bug fixes & UI improvements

              July 3, 2020

              API: 2.0.200625 | UI: 1.81.09

              • Setup different lease or insurance plans based on the unit type. Perfect for that facility that requires a different lease agreement or insurance plan for vehicle storage. Set your defaults in Unit Type Setup.
              • Cloud Learning Center – have you been there yet? Go through thorough lessons, watch videos, and earn badges as you learn all about the exciting features in your new QuikStor Cloud management Software. Available today at If you don’t have access, reach out to the support team and they will help get you setup.
              • Added a new graphical report called, “Unit Efficiency
              • Special Notes are now highlighted on the Dashboard to draw attention to them
              • Manager Exception report added showing discretionary transactions such as changing PTD, reversals, free rent, debits/credits, and more
              • Lead Management – added a field for “When does the tenant need the unit?” on the Add New Lead form
              • Exciting new report called, “Occupancy Over Time” to graphically display how your facility occupancy has done over the selected time frame
              • You can now crop the featured image directly in the program, as well as click on the image on the Dashboard to bring up a larger view
              • Minor changes to the Former Tenant documents list. Now defaults to date order, newest to oldest
              • Zero dollar move-ins are now supported
              • California Late Law UI has been improved for clarity during setup
              • The Annual Revenue & Occupancy report now has a percentage column to show percentage changes in revenue and occupancy over the years
              • Facility Summary Report now includes a quick link to the Bank Deposit report
              • Added a bar chart for occupancy to the Daily Management Summary
              • A column for Rent by Square Foot was added to the Vacancy by Type report
              • Pie charts added to the Insured Tenants report
              • Snooze feature added to Task List reminders
              • UI refinements to the Price Levels module
              • Paid-To Date column added to the ACH Autobilling Report
              • Alert notification bar has been added to the top of your Cloud software. This will allow QuikStor to notify users in real-time of any important updates, maintenance, etc

              May 18, 2020

              API: 2.0.200513 | UI: 1.79.07

              • Improved Contactless Rentals – email rental agreements, autobilling agreements, and insurance certificates to tenants during the move-in process for a seamless digital signing experience. Both the facility and the tenant receives signed copies upon execution and signed documents are automatically stored in the tenant record
              • E-signature – default configuration added in Client Setup allowing each user to set a default of how they want to digitally sign documents – Email, Tenant Facing Portal, Sign Later, or Onscreen
              • E-signature – unsigned documents can now easily be emailed to the tenant after the move-in or when insurance or autobilling is added to an existing tenant
              • Report Center – all new report layout allowing users to search for reports (by name or QSX code), see the most popular reports, newly added reports, and more
              • Favorite reports – as part of the new Report Center you can easily make any report your Favorite and have them quickly accessible all in one Favorites folder
              • Task List – now associate any unit or tenant with a task so that tasks notes are automatically added to the tenant notes
              • Template Management – multi-facility users can now easily copy existing templates across all sites
              • Template Management – new email and text templates added for Skip Letter
              • Resend Texts – a Resend button has been added in the Communications tab allowing you to quickly resend a text to a tenant
              • Dashboard Widget added – Monthly Running Total – see the monthly running collection for not only the current month, but for the previous six months as well
              • Transfers – transfer a tenant to a lower than scheduled rate and now add a Back to Schedule date directly in the transfer form
              • Collection & Deposit Analysis report now includes pie charts at the top
              • Combination Payments now allow the user to select a Method on File (ACH or Credit Card)
              • General report formatting and graph improvements

              April 20, 2020

              API: 2.0.200417 | UI: 1.79.02

              • Customizable Dashboard – add your favorite widgets display occupancy, collections, quick links to your favorite reports. The sky is the limit!
              • Tenant Photo – add a photo of your tenant, ID, or vehicle to the Tenant Information screen to allow quick recognition when working with your tenants
              • Improved Tenant Information – clickable email address, reset tenant web password, manage keycodes, cell & home phones, and see the last time a particular tenant was onsite all in one place
              • Improved Financial Information – new dashboard icons to show if the tenant is currently subscribed to tenant insurance or setup for auto billing
              • Transaction History Export – easily export a tenant’s transaction history to PDF with a click of a button
              • New Transfer functionality – search or sort quickly in the Transfer screen for that perfect new unit for your tenant
              • Email attachments – you can now add attachments when you compose an email in the tenant Communications tab
              • Resend Emails  – a Resend button has been added in the Communications tab allowing you to quickly resent that receipt or invoice to a tenant
              • Settings – new variable allowing you to automatically apply a tenant credit during Overnight Processing
              • General report formatting and graph improvements

              MARCH 10, 2020

              API: 2.0.200316 | UI: 1.75.10

              • Cloud CRM Module Added – keep your tenants up to date with the latest news about your facility, send former tenants incentives to come back, or simply send out a Happy Birthday email to your favorite tenants. The possibilities are endless! Check It Out
              • New reporting date selector implemented – now quickly choose the most common ranges such as Today, Last Month, Last Quarter, or Last Year
              • Template Management – add colors, images, and more to your tenant-facing documents to send out via email, text, and print Start Customizing!
              • Transfer Fee has been implemented – define a default transfer fee in Client Management or decide at time of transfer. Super easy!
              • Relationship field added to Alternate tenant section
              • Gate keycodes can now be added on the Move-In screens
              • Document Center improvements
              • General report formatting improvements
              • Improved interface for Card on File and Autobilling during a Payment

              JANUARY 20, 2020

              API: 2.0.200120 | UI: 1.74.01

              • Elavon Payment Processing added – EMV chip-reader support and Google/Apple Pay phone functionality with integrated smart terminal
              • Facility Files added – upload non-tenant specific photos, documents, and more to keep your entire team up to date with what is going on at the facility. Check It Out
              • Annual Revenue & Occupancy Report added. View it Now!
              • User Activity Report added. See What Everybody Is Up To!
              • Expected Move-out Report added. Here’s Hoping the List is Empty!
              • Improved Document Center allowing for quick queuing and printing for overnight processing documents
              • Daily Late Charge added to Delinquency Settings

              JANUARY 3, 2020

              API: 2.0.200103 | UI: 1.47.8

              • Updated Calendar implemented
              • Task Reminders and system-generated notifications added. Check them out!
              • Competition Survey added. How do you stack up?
              • Document & Image upload for Tenants added
              • Vehicle Parking Report added. Whose car is that anyway?
              • The payment screen has been updated to better clarify the amount owed and receipt delivery preference

              DECEMBER 18, 2019

              API: 2.0.191218 | UI: 1.46.2

              • New Vehicle Parking Module
              • Two-way texting added
              • Ability to send or not send invoices to auto-pay tenants
              • Full-screen Gate Activity on a second tab added
              • Updates added to the Management Overview Report
              • A link to the Special used during a Move-in has been added on the Dashboard of the tenant’s record

              NOVEMBER 10, 2019

              API: 2.0.191110 | UI: 1.45.4

              • New Document Delivery Preference Settings
              • View All Documents for Former Tenants
              • Added advertising budget to Tenant Sources for use with Lead Management
              • Additional tenant/unit details added to Site Map
              • Daily Management Summary added to track key statistics for each managed facility
              • Unit History record added to track all changes for a given unit, not just the tenant

              OCTOBER 5, 2019

              API: 2.0.191005 | UI: 1.44.7

              • Lead Management portal added – create, categorize, and analyze all incoming leads
              • Added View Documents & Undo Move-out to the Move-in/Move-out Analysis Report
              • Gate integration to QuikStor Guardian Access Control System
              • Gate commands added on the Dashboard – open, hold open, or close any QuikStor access point directly from your Cloud Dashboard
              • Improvements to the Compose Email feature

              SEPTEMBER 23, 2019

              API: 2.0.190923 | UI: 1.44.1

              • Tenant validation field setup added for move-in & reservations screens, including Required, Optional, or Hidden
              • Global Search added – search between all of your facilities for a specific tenant, phone number, etc
              • E-Signature is now compatible with the Tenant Facing Portal to be used with tablets or tenant-facing touchscreens
              • Facility Summary Report added
              • Improvements made to the QuickBooks Export utility

              AUGUST 7, 2019

              API: 2.0.190807 | UI: 1.42.9

              • E-Signature now available for all move-in documents
              • Specials added into the Revenue Management portal
              • Move-in with Specials added
              • Dynamic Cloud reports with drill-down linking implemented
              • Tenant History section added allowing a single window to view all tenant interactions, notes, and communications

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