Cloud Release Notes

If your looking for the details on all the cool stuff we’ve been adding to QuikStor Cloud, you’re in the right place!

April 20, 2020

API: 2.0.200417 | UI: 1.79.02

  • Customizable Dashboard – add your favorite widgets display occupancy, collections, quick links to your favorite reports. The sky is the limit!
  • Tenant Photo – add a photo of your tenant, ID, or vehicle to the Tenant Information screen to allow quick recognition when working with your tenants
  • Improved Tenant Information – clickable email address, reset tenant web password, manage keycodes, cell & home phones, and see the last time a particular tenant was onsite all in one place
  • Improved Financial Information – new dashboard icons to show if the tenant is currently subscribed to tenant insurance or setup for auto billing
  • Transaction History Export – easily export a tenant’s transaction history to PDF with a click of a button
  • New Transfer functionality – search or sort quickly in the Transfer screen for that perfect new unit for your tenant
  • Email attachments – you can now add attachments when you compose an email in the tenant Communications tab
  • Resend Emails  – a Resend button has been added in the Communications tab allowing you to quickly resent that receipt or invoice to a tenant
  • Settings – new variable allowing you to automatically apply a tenant credit during Overnight Processing
  • General report formatting and graph improvements

MARCH 10, 2020

API: 2.0.200316 | UI: 1.75.10

  • Cloud CRM Module Added – keep your tenants up to date with the latest news about your facility, send former tenants incentives to come back, or simply send out a Happy Birthday email to your favorite tenants. The possibilities are endless! Check It Out
  • New reporting date selector implemented – now quickly choose the most common ranges such as Today, Last Month, Last Quarter, or Last Year
  • Template Management – add colors, images, and more to your tenant-facing documents to send out via email, text, and print Start Customizing!
  • Transfer Fee has been implemented – define a default transfer fee in Client Management or decide at time of transfer. Super easy!
  • Relationship field added to Alternate tenant section
  • Gate keycodes can now be added on the Move-In screens
  • Document Center improvements
  • General report formatting improvements
  • Improved interface for Card on File and Autobilling during a Payment

JANUARY 20, 2020

API: 2.0.200120 | UI: 1.74.01

  • Elavon Payment Processing added – EMV chip-reader support and Google/Apple Pay phone functionality with integrated smart terminal
  • Facility Files added – upload non-tenant specific photos, documents, and more to keep your entire team up to date with what is going on at the facility. Check It Out
  • Annual Revenue & Occupancy Report added. View it Now!
  • User Activity Report added. See What Everybody Is Up To!
  • Expected Move-out Report added. Here’s Hoping the List is Empty!
  • Improved Document Center allowing for quick queuing and printing for overnight processing documents
  • Daily Late Charge added to Delinquency Settings

JANUARY 3, 2020

API: 2.0.200103 | UI: 1.47.8

  • Updated Calendar implemented
  • Task Reminders and system-generated notifications added. Check them out!
  • Competition Survey added. How do you stack up?
  • Document & Image upload for Tenants added
  • Vehicle Parking Report added. Whose car is that anyway?
  • The payment screen has been updated to better clarify the amount owed and receipt delivery preference

DECEMBER 18, 2019

API: 2.0.191218 | UI: 1.46.2

  • New Vehicle Parking Module
  • Two-way texting added
  • Ability to send or not send invoices to auto-pay tenants
  • Full-screen Gate Activity on a second tab added
  • Updates added to the Management Overview Report
  • A link to the Special used during a Move-in has been added on the Dashboard of the tenant’s record

NOVEMBER 10, 2019

API: 2.0.191110 | UI: 1.45.4

  • New Document Delivery Preference Settings
  • View All Documents for Former Tenants
  • Added advertising budget to Tenant Sources for use with Lead Management
  • Additional tenant/unit details added to Site Map
  • Daily Management Summary added to track key statistics for each managed facility
  • Unit History record added to track all changes for a given unit, not just the tenant

OCTOBER 5, 2019

API: 2.0.191005 | UI: 1.44.7

  • Lead Management portal added – create, categorize, and analyze all incoming leads
  • Added View Documents & Undo Move-out to the Move-in/Move-out Analysis Report
  • Gate integration to QuikStor Guardian Access Control System
  • Gate commands added on the Dashboard – open, hold open, or close any QuikStor access point directly from your Cloud Dashboard
  • Improvements to the Compose Email feature

SEPTEMBER 23, 2019

API: 2.0.190923 | UI: 1.44.1

  • Tenant validation field setup added for move-in & reservations screens, including Required, Optional, or Hidden
  • Global Search added – search between all of your facilities for a specific tenant, phone number, etc
  • E-Signature is now compatible with the Tenant Facing Portal to be used with tablets or tenant-facing touchscreens
  • Facility Summary Report added
  • Improvements made to the QuickBooks Export utility

AUGUST 7, 2019

API: 2.0.190807 | UI: 1.42.9

  • E-Signature now available for all move-in documents
  • Specials added into the Revenue Management portal
  • Move-in with Specials added
  • Dynamic Cloud reports with drill-down linking implemented
  • Tenant History section added allowing a single window to view all tenant interactions, notes, and communications

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