When it comes to apps, ours can do it all.

We make it easy to connect to your facility. Managers can open the gate from anywhere, lookup tenant information, view vacancy and more. Tenants can see their balance, paid to date and gate activity. When at the facility, tenants can open access points without having to leave their car!

Key Functions


The QuikStor app segments access to managers or tenants based on login credentials. Tenants can view their account status, transaction history, and  even open the gate from inside the comfort of their vehicles  (when within range).

Review Account

Tenants can review their account status, transaction history, rent due dates, and other pertinent information. 

Access Transaction History

Viewing the rent amount, payment method and date of payment is a breeze with this feature. 

Open The Gate

The tenant can use their phone to easily open access points. As an added security feature, the tenant must be within proximity of the facility in order for this to work. Utilizing technology called “geo fencing”, each facility can set the range based on their own comfort level.

Key Functions


Managers can open, hold open, or close the gate from anywhere, whether at the facility or hundreds of miles away. Our user-friendly interface makes all the functions accessible in seconds and eliminates any guesswork. 

At-A-Glance Facility Stats

On the main dashboard, quickly and conveniently scan the stats for your facility. Determine which units are rented and paid on time, which are delinquent, and which are damaged.

View Live Gate Activity

Monitor who’s coming and going at your facility, which key codes were used and the time of entry/exit. The activity screen is easy to find on the dashboard. 

Pocket Walk-through

Make the daily walk-through seamless. Find a unit in need of repair? Easily pull up the affected unit and write and save notes into the software.  

Control Gate Access from Anywhere

Our cloud-based keypads allow you to control any access point from your smartphone or desktop or laptop computer connected to the Internet. 


Ease & Convenience

Tenants Can Open The Gate From Their Car

all-weather, remote access

With QuikStor Infinity Keypads, tenants entering the facility can open the gate from their smartphones and avoid getting out of their vehicle. A “geo fence” ensures tenants using the app to open the gate can only do so from within a set range of the facility.

Managers Can Open the Gate from Anywhere

time-saving and pragmatic

Did a tenant forget his/her gate code or is otherwise not able to enter the facility? No problem. Managers can use the app wherever they are to check the tenant’s status and open, close, or hold the gate open remotely – all in just a few seconds.