Access Control,

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Wired and Wireless Access Control Keypads with a 7-year warranty that includes lightning damage! App-enabled for the convenience and safety of touchless operation.


Packed with Features

7 Year Warranty

Our 7-year warranty is the first of its kind in the industry. It even includes lightning damage. Lifetime warranty also available…inquire for details!

On-Board Memory

The keypad stores all necessary functions to make real-time decisions even when the office PC is disconnected.

App Compatible
Managers can open the gate from anywhere, lookup tenant information, view vacancy and more. Tenants can see their balance, paid to date and gate activity. When at the facility, tenants can open access points without having to leave their car!
Real-Time Gate Activity

View real-time activity directly in the software. You can even open any access point on the property from anywhere using the Cloud software or app.

Wired or Wireless

No matter how many access control keypads your storage facility needs, YOU decide which are wired and which are wireless.

Two-Way Intercom

Allow your tenants to easily communicate between each access point and your manager in the office.

Video Capable

Use an optional pinhole camera to see and record who is using the keypad. A great compliment to your existing surveillance system.


Gate Access on Any Device

Our Infinity keypads come standard with our Cloud access control portal where you can view real time gate activity, modify gate settings and open or close your gate on-demand from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.


 Location Options

Door Strike

secure access doors easily

Whether you have a pedestrian gate at the front of your storage facility, a bathroom that should be tenant access only or an access door that needs securing, our Infinity series access control keypads can help!


restrict access for added security

Restrict access to your elevator call buttons by ensuring that only those with a valid access code can call the elevator. You can further restrict tenants to only be able to access the floor their unit is on.


access gate security

Securing your facility gate with a keypad helps to ensure that only the people who should be on site have access to your facility. Our Infinity keypads can work with almost any commercial gate motor.

Overhead/Roll-Up Door

secure access via your warehouse roll-up door

Infinity keypads can control most modern-day gate motors including overhead / roll-up doors. Simply connect to the gate motor and any tenant with a valid code can trigger the door to open.

Secure Your Storage Facility with Infinity

QuikStor’s Infinity keypads are designed with customization in mind. With wired or wireless capability built into every unit, Infinity is suited to secure a variety of entry points at facilities of any size – anywhere in the world. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Will your keypads work with my existing facility management software?

QuikStor keypads integrate to all of the major self-storage software providers. Our partners page has a full list of current integrations. If your software is not integrated, have their development team reach out and we will be happy to provide them with our API documentation at no charge!

Can I access & control my system remotely - like from my phone?

Yes! QuikStor keypads are app enabled. Tenants and managers can access from their phones with the tenant app and manager app respectively. Both apps are available for iOS and Android.

Will your keypads work with my gate motor?

The keypad will work with any standard commercial gate operator. If your gate is currently being opened with a keypad, it should connect to our keypads without issue.

How is the system installed? What type of wire?

The system can be wired with CAT 5e or installed wirelessly. 

Can I use a camera with your keypad?

The keypads can accomodate a pinhole camera. Analog and IP options are available and keypads can be upgraded in house before shipment.

Can I control remote locations?

Yes, you can access remote locations via the manager app. Remote locations do not require an office but do require an on-site computer and internet connection to receive data from the software.

How many codes can this system hold?

Capacity is not an issue. The system can handle over ten thousand codes.

App Enabled

QuikStor Keypads are compatible with one easy-to-use app that segments access to managers or tenants based on login credentials. Managers can open, hold open, or close the gate from anywhere they happen to be, while tenants can open the gate from inside the comfort of their vehicles – no more sticking their arm out in the rain or getting out of the RV to key in their code.

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