Since mid-March, the QuikStor office has been eerily quiet. Normally the sound of clacking keys can be heard all throughout the halls, from development typing fast and furious while working on the latest Cloud updates, to the Support team answering emails and writing up Knowledge Base articles in between calls.

empty office hallway employees working remotely

Like many companies in tech, we’ve met the unique challenges posed by Covid-19 by prioritizing employee health and safety – which means that we’ve joined the now 42% of the U.S. labor force that’s working remotely. With 92% of the QuikStor team operating on a WFH basis (Shipping is still there, holding down the fort for now), we’d like to cordially invite you to step into our office(s):

quikstor work from home wfh remote work office on patio

Vice President Tony has it made in the shade, claiming part of the patio for his home workspace.

quikstor work from home wfh remote office on balcony

When the weather permits, Support Tech Joe is returning your calls and emails from the balcony.

quikstor wfh work from home remote office with two monitors

Neat and tidy, but with plenty of personal touches, our Web Designer Gabriel’s WFH office is conducive to creativity.

quikstor wfh work from home remote office three monitors

Being able to add her home monitor to the two she normally uses for work means three times the productivity for April in her home office.

quikstor work from home wfh remote office couch tv

Sarah transformed her studio apartment living area into an office by day, with her TV and coffee table doing double-duty as the computer monitor and desk from which she runs our Marketing department.

home office remote work wfh laptop with cat on printer and dog bed furry coworkers

Business Development Consultant Shaina’s furry coworkers seem to prefer a collaborative work environment; they’re always nearby to lend a paw.

quikstor work from home wfh remote office laptop on bed with cat under book

Hestia, our development Project Manager, shares her cozy home workspace with cat West and dog Bernie (not pictured – on break).