Manage Your Storage Facility with our QuikStor Manager App

You may be wondering what this manager app is and how it works? Well, for starters this phone application is only available for storage facilities who signed up for the QuikStor Cloud Software. The manager phone app has the ability to give your on-site manager the ability to view unit status, tenant information and even the ability to open/close the facility gates from their smartphone. Note: The Self-Storage Manager App is connected to your QuikStor Express.

Manager App: Open your Gates

Open Your Gates:

Our Guardian Control Panel is built right into the QuikStor Manager App. This built-in feature enables you to open, hold open or close any of your gate or access points from your smartphone.

Manager App: Digital Walk-Through

Digital Walk-Through:

With the QuikStor Manager App, you will no longer need to carry around a unit list. You’ll be able to view a unit’s status with a click of a button. Quickly and easily pull up a real-time list of all your units right from your smartphone. Sure beats shuffling through a clipboard of papers to find the unit you’re looking for.

Manager App: Tenant Lookup

Tenant Lookup:

Picture this, you or one of your hiring managers are performing a daily facility inspection and just happen to run into a customer who forgot where his storage unit number. With the QuikStor Manager App, you can quickly search for the tenant by name and look up their unit number using our intuitive search feature. Issue averted and problem solved.

Manager App: Connect to Multiple Facilities

Connect to Multiple Facilities:

With the QuikStor Manager App, you can connect to one facility or 20. You will have access to all your locations right at your fingertips!

Manager App: Digital Lock Check

Digital Lock Check:

Our digital lock-check feature allows you or your manager to walk around the facility and update lock-status in real-time. No more bulky walk around sheets!

Manager App: View Tenant Information

View Tenant Information:

Ever been walking through your facility and have a tenant ask what their balance or paid to date is? With the QuikStor Manager App, you can simply look up that information for them on the spot! Save you and your tenant the trouble of walking to the office.

Manager App: Add Unit Notes

Add Unit Notes:

If you by any chance happen to notice a broken door, distinguishable scratch marks or just notice an issue with a unit, you can note that all down on your QuikStor Manager App. Quickly search and match the unit number with the tenant and attach a note. This’ll be a handy feature when you walk around inspecting your facility for any potential issues. All notes will be automatically synced and added to your QuikStor Express software immediately.