Pets mean the world to many of us, loved and treated like family members. A number of QuikStor Security & Software employees have dogs and cats, while others have fish. One surprised us by sending in a cute picture of his rabbit. To celebrate these wonderful creatures, we’ve decided to show off their cuteness for the world to see.

Here they are:

This fish’s name is Flame. April Lee, business development consultant.

This cute bunny rabbit, Hooshang, calls home with Akbar Ghofrani, software developer.

This is Hurley, April Lee’s dog.

This ginger cat is named Holly. Her proud owner is Matt Huffman, QuikStor’s tech support team member.

Meet Olive, QuikStor Vice President Tony Gardner’s beloved dog.

This cute pair is Ricky (left) and Lucy, and they reside with Randy Fountain, QuikStor’s business development consultant.

Our website and tech support specialist Gabriel De La Rosa sure has some cool pets – three geckos and a puppy. On the left is Queenie, Cornelius and Jean are in the middle, and the puppy – peering out into the window and onto the golf course behind the QuikStor office – is named Dala.

This trio of pooches – Happy, Lady, and Bug – enjoy their time outdoors when around their owner, QuikStor tech support specialist, Manny Ramirez.

Dog Frankie and cats Hunter and Mufasa are a fun bunch keeping our business development consultant Shaina Cossairt on her toes. “Mufasa is the mischievous one,” Cossairt says. “Hunter wants to be anywhere Frankie is, but Frankie isn’t too fond of either cat. She tolerates them.”

And last but not least, here’s a white German shepherd, Worf, who’s the pride and joy of Dennis Levitt, our founder and CEO.