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Self Storage Security | Access Control Keypads for Storage

As a storage facility owner, what do you look for in an access control system?

At the most basic level, the point of an access control system is to allow tenants in and out of the facility and keep others who shouldn’t be in, out. Operators that are new to the storage industry may think they can get any commercial gate access system without realizing that, in order for maximum functionality, a storage-specific keypad system is essential.

Whether the facility is traditional storage, RV & parking, a marina, or any combination, storage-specific keypads are essential for hassle-free access control for the facility. A traditional commercial “yard” or building only has to worry about adding or removing codes. There really aren’t any other factors that go into making access control decisions. Storage is different. In storage, we make access control decisions based on many more factors. In fact, here are some factors where we may limit or restrict tenant access:

  • Tenant is delinquent
  • Tenant is delinquent and makes a payment online, keypad should work if they come by.
  • Tenant has broken facility rules and needs restricted access hours
  • Tenant is law enforcement and gets 24/hour access
  • Tenant’s account is missing information or requires paperwork such as insurance. They may also need to come into the office.
  • The gardener needs access on Saturday’s only and the maintenance guy needs 24/hour access

These are just some of the things that a storage-specific keypad system can handle with ease.

Let’s break down these features and learn more about storage access control systems, shall we?

View Real-Time Activity | Access Control System

Most facility owners or managers would want to know who is entering the facility and when it is happening. Being able to view real-time activity allows facility owners the ability to monitor their facility and ensure security. Do you have a problem tenant who came in kind of late? Is your resident manager worried about possible tenants sleeping on site? Storage specific keypads feature an on-screen activity that can be displayed through software on the computer in the office or on your cell phone anywhere in the world. Storage keypads integrate directly with your management software to produce a variety of different gate reports as well.

Connect thru WiFi or Ethernet | Access Control System

Access Control System | Wifi Connectivity

Access Control System | Wifi Connectivity

The concept of “Cloud” enabled everything is evident pretty much everywhere we look these days. QuikStor keypads are no different. We recognized early on the importance of “cloud” connection. In 2011 we started with our “QuikStor OnDemand” online gate access. In more recent years, we added our $10/month tenant and manager apps. Both offer the convenience of gate access and information via your cell phone.

Still, the internet is not required for gate functionality. Our newest line of keypads, Infinity, require internet for initial configuration but, once that is complete, can work anywhere without an internet connection at all. A local computer updates the keypads with the gate code information and the keypad grants or denies access based on what the self-storage management software sent over.

Of course, having internet access will allow the keypads to be “cloud-enabled”. Through the internet, the tenant app or manager apps can be used to open and close the keypads remotely. Do you have more than one location? Most storage management software programs are capable of updating keypads at a remote location as well. In fact, we’ve built our cloud-based self-storage management software to do just that!

Note: An internet connection is not required for the wired QuikStor keypads or wireless QuikStor keypads to work. Both the wired and wireless keypads will work when the internet does not, however, tenant gate apps DO require the internet to function.

Learn more about Self Storage Access Control Systems:

Allow Storage Tenants to Conveniently Access their Unit | Access Control System

Are you looking for value add for your facility at a reasonable price tag? Granting tenants the opportunity to open the gate on their own phone is a huge plus. Especially since nowadays there’s an app for everything. From our thermostats, refrigerators, and garages at home, it only makes sense that a storage facility would also give their tenant’s the convenience of app-enabled keypads!

Our storage tenant app will provide your storage tenants mobile access to their unit. If the weather happens to be rainy, cold, or wet, tenants will be able to open the gate from the cozy comfort of their vehicle with the tenant app. Do you have parking and RV customers in larger rigs that are hard to step up and down from? Make things easier on them with the tenant app.

Facility owners/managers will also have the ability to set limitations and restrictions on what tenants can do with this app. For example, the tenant must be within a certain geographic radius of the gate in order for it to open.

Warranty Information for Self-Storage Keypads

Our Access Control Keypads come as wired or wireless to suit your needs. These keypads come with a 7-year warranty. The warranty includes lightning damage because, even though we can’t control the weather, we know how tough lightning can be on storage facility keypads. We’ve designed our QuikStor Access Control Keypads to be resistant to lightning. You’ll also have the option of including a pinhole camera so you can see and record who is using the keypad, two-way intercom speaker and keypad heater for cold climates.

QuikStor now also offers “Hardware as a Service” packages. For a low monthly fee, we offer keypads, unlimited hardware support, and a continuous warranty. A monthly hardware package ensures your keypads stay up to date with the latest technology. That means 5 years from now when we add or update new features, your facility will automatically get upgraded at no additional charge. If a natural disaster were to strike 10 years from now by a crazy storm and your storage facility loses 4 keypads. The warranty will cover those 4 lost keypads. This option can be great for facilities looking to add value before listing a property for sale even just to get started with access control without the hefty price tag associated with the outright purchase.

For the foreseeable future, we’ll continue to offer both outright purchase and hardware as a service option for keypads.  We realize each has its benefits and disadvantages depending on a facilities unique situation. For more on keypad features and other types of self-storage security such as electronic locks, visit