We Know Storage

With an on-site storage facility to test new products and innovate processes, plus an average of 10+ year’s industry experience per employee, we know storage!

In 2016, QuikStor opened a state of the art commercial storage facility at their Van Nuys, California location. Having an on-site storage facility enables QuikStor to continue developing new and innovative software and hardware products. Stay tuned for more ground-breaking advances in self-storage management.


QuikStor has been recognized many times over the years, receiving awards from respected organizations within the self-storage industry.

QuikStor has received the ISS Best of Business Award for Best Tech Support for 10 years in a row!

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Contactless Rentals with QuikStor Cloud

Rentals are the most important day-to-day activity for storage facilities. Any time a vacancy exists, a facility is losing money by the day. Renting units online is now easier than ever with QuikStor Cloud.  The entire rental process can be handled by the software...

Step Into Our Office…

Since mid-March, the QuikStor office has been eerily quiet. Normally the sound of clacking keys can be heard all throughout the halls, from development typing fast and furious while working on the latest Cloud updates, to the Support team answering emails and writing...