Tenants want the assurance of good services before they choose to store with you. They want to be sure that once they have committed to storing with you, their items will be safe. They also want efficient services that will be relevant to their specific needs.

As a facility manager, it is your duty to research on all concern areas of every possible tenant. You can then use your results to work on brand improvement by building a connection between you and your tenants. Here’s a list, in no particular order of 5 things tenants look for before they decide to store with you.

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1. Security

One of the deciding factors tenants look for before selecting a storage facility is security. No tenant will want to store in a facility that has a reputation for constant theft and vandalism. Tenants want to store at a facility that they feel and know will securely protect their belongings. They want to see access control systems, security cameras, and locks that will assure them the safety of their items.

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Some optional security features include having a gated facility with an access control keypad for entries and exits. Access controlled keypad not only provides a great sense of security for tenants but it’ll also reassure them that the facility is protected with state-of-the-art technologies. Another security feature that’ll strengthen your tenant’s trust is having in-house facility personnel patrolling the facility. Their presence on the premises will not only deter any potential vandalism or theft, but they’ll also give tenants peace of mind.

Another noteworthy mention is our Tenant/Manager Application. Our tenant/manager application is a mobile app that has the ability to open, hold open, and close facility entry and exit gates. The mobile app is fully integrated with our access controlled keypad for added convenience and security. Tenant/Manager Application is downloadable on iOS/Android. Not only will this feature showcase modern technology at work but it’ll prove to tenants that your facility will not cut any corners when it comes to security and the safety of their tenant’s belongings. Good security measures will build trust in tenants overtime and in the long run, will increase the occupancy rates in your facility.

To learn more about our QuikStor Tenant Application, please check out the following article: https://quikstor.com/manager-app-smartphone-storage-facility/.

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2. Accessibility

How often they will need to visit the facility will determine the location of their preferred facility. If they want to visit the facility regularly, they will choose a site that is closer to them. We live in a fast-paced society where convenience is progressively sought after, it’s no wonder accessibility made this list of things tenants look for before reaching a rental decision.

For a move-in and move-out kind of storage, tenants will typically opt for any distance as long as the price is favorable. Your restrictions on the hours that the facility can be accessed will also be a determining factor of choice. For example, having limited gate access such as 8 AM – 5 PM will dramatically impact a tenant’s decision to rent with you in comparison to another facility that has 24-hour gate access. Your tenants will love you if your facility offers 24-hour gate access. Whether they’ll access their unit in the middle of the night is irrelevant. The idea of having the convenience of accessing their unit whenever is where the appeal shines.

3. CostsQuikStor Security & Software Credit Card Processing

The price of a unit is certainly an important factor when it comes to making a decision. However, some tenants wouldn’t mind spending a little extra if it meant they’ll have better peace of mind. In some cases, tenants who received outstanding customer service were more likely to spend a bit extra on storing with that facility than a facility that would have saved them a few extra bucks.

Keep in mind, most people are more inclined to a storage facility that is fairly priced but exceptional customer service can tip that balance. Tenants not only want to have their storage needs taken care of but also treated well as well. Tenants will pick up subtle signs of care and sincerity. For example, how you treat your tenants is a clear reflection of how you’ll care about their belongings and tenants do a pretty good job at picking these signs up. Tenants who experience great customer service are more likely to store with you even at a higher cost.

When it comes to prices, most tenants are aware of the constant monthly fees but will be unsure of lease renewal fees when their tenancy expires. They’ll also be noting down the monthly costs and the start-up security deposit fees as well. This is typically normal tenant behavior like checking to ensure that the rates are affordable and evaluating their level of trust and comfort with the facility prior to reaching a rental decision. Another thing worth noting is to be as transparent as possible with your tenants. In other words, let them know exactly what they’re paying for and exactly what they’ll be receiving. Tenants aren’t particularly fond of surprises especially when it comes to their unit. This’ll ensure tenant trust and a healthy long term relationship.

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4. Online Reviews

Did you know that over 70% of clients research the internet before deciding on paying a visit to your storage facility? The reason for this is that they believe another tenants opinion about your facility reflects the true image of your facility. Tenants have so much trust in online reviews that they will use them to make decisions on whether to store with you or not.

Positive online reviews are a good marketing tool that will create a positive identity for your facility. This is especially important in this technological era, where our purchasing decisions are heavily influenced by online peer reviews. Online reviews are the modern equivalent of “word-of-mouth”. Online reviews have become the beacon for new tenants as well as a dagger for potential tenants as well.

As mentioned earlier, positive online reviews can provide your facility with a huge advantage over your competition. Past tenants who left a positive online review will pave a beacon for new tenants. So how does a facility obtain more positive reviews than negative reviews? Fortunately, receiving positive online reviews are fairly easy to obtain. The key to receiving positive online reviews is through customer service. This includes being attentive, friendly, respectful, and professional. As an added bonus, it also helps to have state-of-the-art technology and a tidy facility to boost your facility’s likeability and your chances of a positive review.

5. General Look of Surrounding

Clean and tidy environments speak of commitment and consistency in the service they provide. That’s why a tenant will select a facility that has clean units and a clean facility. They will also observe how tidy the surrounding compounds are and make choices based on those conditions. These minor details are often times overlooked but they speak volumes regarding your facility in the eyes of the tenants. As mentioned earlier, these subtle points play a key role in influencing a potential tenant from renting at your facility. A tidy facility is usually a good indication that the facility is well-kept and responsible. These points will help potential tenants reach their rental decisions a whole lot easier. After all, how you maintain your facility is a clear reflection of how you’ll maintain their unit and belongings.