The First Page of Google is Highly Important! Before we jump into the importance of ranking on Google’s first page, let’s take a moment and define Google. For starters, Google is the leading search engine in providing end-users with relevant information. This includes specific websites and pictures that pertain to your search topic.

One of Google’s amazing attributes is the ability to instantaneously shuffle and organize through the World Wide Web. In doing so, it provides us with the best results in a matter of seconds.

Google is able to perform such feats with the help of what’s known as a Web Crawler. The web crawlers’ primary objective is to narrow down the search results for us, end-users. So if we were to enter “Storage Facility” on Google’s search bar, Google’s web crawler will narrow down the search results to show the most relevant and authoritative storage website. Woah! Amazing, right?

You’re probably thinking “that’s cool and all, but why is this important? What are some of the benefits of being ranked on Google’s first page? Why are businesses so adamant about getting on the front page? And how can my business get on the front page?” Let’s find out!

Why Business Aim for the First Page of Google

Why Businesses Aim for the First Page of Google

Google, in most respects, can be viewed as the center of the internet. We don’t just trust Google’s search results; we rely on them to help us finalize decisions throughout the day and in our lives. It’s almost freighting just how much power and influence Google has, so it’s to no surprise why many major corporations and even small businesses take aim to place themselves on the first page.

The first Search Engine Result Page (SERP) is where businesses strive to reach. According to expert studies, approximately 90% of people never search beyond the first page of Google. The first 10 positions in the search engine result page receive approximately 94% of all clicks. This means that even if you claim a position on the second page of Google, it’s already a losing battle. What’s even worst is that if your website is beyond the second page, in the eyes of the consumer the website is essentially non-existent. Do you see the importance of ranking on the first page of Google? We’re talking about approximately 94% of all clicks!

The first page of Google is like the holy grail of business success but why is that? Well, the reason is simple. Most people don’t bother going past the first page when they’re searching for something on Google. When was the last time you searched for something and went to the second page of results before clicking on a few sites first? Let’s be honest, we’re a living example of the 94%.

What Benefits are associated with the First Page of Google

What Benefits are Associated with the First Page of Google?

One of the most important benefits of being on the first page of Google is the “trust” factor that your business earns. Trust is a powerful emotion. With the majority of the world putting their trust into Google, you can imagine just how compelling Google’s first page recommendation is to a potential tenant.

Being on the first page of Google is like telling people that you have Google’s approval. So if people trust Google and Google approves your business, we can conclude that people will most likely trust your storage facility as well.

It’s important to understand that the trust that people have for the first page results is more about Google than it is about your storage facility. Despite this fact, there are many benefits that your business can gain from it such as an increase in online visibility, an increase in website traffic, and – the ultimate goal – an increase in conversions from prospective tenant to paying tenant.

How can my Business appear on the First Page of Google

How Can My Business Appear on the First Page of Google?

Search Engine Optimization or SEO for short has become an increasingly popular term in the digital era. As the term suggests, search engine optimizing is when your website tailors content towards what online searches are looking for. More specifically, it’s geared towards the web crawlers.

The end-goal of search engine optimization is to position your website at a higher ranking on Google’s search results.

Obtaining a spot on the first page of Google is a long and difficult process. Brand-new websites can take up to 6 months for Google’s web crawlers to even register that they exist and you’re also competing with millions of other websites. You can learn more about SEO and how it works here.

Isn’t There a Faster Way to Reach the Top?

Search engine optimization isn’t the only method of climbing the search rankings. Google Ads is an alternative method of achieving first page placement. In fact, the top four search results you see aren’t necessarily the websites with the best SEO or longest time in the game – they’re ads!

Google Ads is a paid advertising service that gives businesses a shortcut to list on the first page. With Google Ads you can achieve top results much faster than with traditional SEO tactics, but you will have to pay every time someone clicks on your ad. This is called Cost-Per-Click or CPC advertising.

Although paid ads can help list your business on Google’s first page, it can be extremely costly. The cost to maintain a spot in the top four results can range anywhere from $1 dollar to $10 per click on average. With that said, the cost of the ad depends heavily on the competition in your area.

Sound Complicated? How to Find an SEO Professional

From big-time players that devise strategy and campaigns for top brands around the world to small-time local offices and independent contractors, there are literally thousands of SEO experts across the country. If you choose to work with an SEO professional, we recommend finding someone in your location that is familiar with the area around your business.

Not sure where to start searching? Try tapping these sources for recommendations, starting with the most local first:

  • Friends in the industry – start with those in your area if you can
  • Try a Google search for “SEO services near me” or “SEO services in Town Name”
    • Remember, the first four results are paid ads!
  • Search online industry resources like Inside Self Storage or Self Storage Talk
  • Try a Google search for “SEO for storage facilities”
    • Remember, the first four results are paid ads!

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